Sunday, 6 December 2015

First Lace Weight Shawl Completed!

Yay!!! I never thought I would do it!

If a few months back someone told me I would be a knitting lace weight shawl and loving it I would laugh to their face. This was, in my mind, way out of my league. 

The truth is I wanted to knit lace. I do. One of my biggest knitting targets is to be able one day to knit an Orenburg shawl as a gift to my mom and to honor our Russian heritage. 

So, a little baby step was achieved! The shawl I knit is far from Orenburg's pieces of art but still it is a step closer to my target!

I chose a Drops Design pattern and used their Lace yarn in my favorite color (the yarn by the way is a divine blend of Alpaca and Mulberry silk and feels so great knitting it) and finished my shawl in 5 days, Yay again! 

Now I'm just looking forward to my next lace project!

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