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Winter Affair Shawl MKAL: first clue

First clue is here! This is how you begin your Winter Affair Shawl.


Abbreviations used:

k = knit
p = purl
yo = yarn over
k2tog = knit two stitches together
ssk =  slip slip knit
m1 = make one: pick up and knit the connecting strand between last stitch and next stitch
(k1,p1) yo =  knit one and purl one in the yarn over of previous row *


  • This pattern is written for a super bulky yarn, check the Raverly project for suggestions. I knitted this with 10mm needles and the gauge I got was 11 stitches and 14 rows in stockinette per 4 inches (10 cm). Make a swatch to be sure your are close to these numbers as super bulky yarns tend to differ a lot. If you choose to knit the shawl with entirely different yarn weight and needles (for example worsted weight with 5mm needles) you can, you still need to swatch though.
  • The main body is worked with edges and inserts. The edges are where you make your increases next to the border and the insert is where you work the lace. For your convenience I have marked with red the lace insert and it will be also in red color letters in the written pattern.
  • I would highly recommend using markers while working the main body. You would want them to separate the edges from the lace inserts and the lace inserts as well.
  • * When working row 5 of main body you will see we decrease 3 times but only work 2 yarn overs, which brings our count of stitches down by one. For this reason on row 6 (wrong side) we need to  k1 and p1 in the same yarn over in order to create one stitch. This means that as you are purling across the row, when you reach the yarn over you have to put your yarn at the back of the needle, go through the yo knitwise, wrap yarn, pull through, and without dropping the yo you must bring your yarn in the front of the needle, go through the yo purlwise, wrap yarn, pull through, and let the yo drop. You should have 2 stitches on your right needle.

Let's begin.

Set up chart

Cast on  7 stitches and work the following chart. 

If you want to work with a garter tab cast on feel free.  Cast one 3 and work 6 rows in garter. Pick up 3 stitches from the garter ridges and 3 from the cast one edge (9 stitches on your needle) then omit the first two rows of the chart and continue with row 3.

    We will work with 3 stitches garter border in each side. These are not included in the charts. However they are included in the written pattern in bold. The middle stitch (the center of the shawl, or "spine" as I call it) is also in bold in the written pattern for your convenience.

    Set up 

    Row 1: k3, yo,k,yo, k3,

    Row 2: k3, p3, k3 
    Row 3: k3, yo,k,yo,k,yo,k,yo,k3,  
    Row 4: k3, p7, k3,  
    Row 5: k3, yo,k3,yo,k,yo,k3,yo, k3, 
    Row 6: k3, p11, k3, 
    Row 7: k3, yo,k5,yo,k,yo,k5,yo,k3,
    Row 8: k3, p15, k3,
    Row 9: k3, yo,k7,yo,k,yo,k7,yo,k3,
    Row 10: k3, p19, k3,
    Row 11: k3, yo,k9,yo,k,yo,k9,yo, k3,
    Row 12: k3, p23, k3,
    Row 13: k3, yo,k11,yo,k,yo,k11,yo, k3,
    Row 14: k3, p27, k3,
    Row 15: k3, yo,k13,yo,k,yo,k13,yo, k3,
    Row 16: k3, p31, k3

    When you finish the set up chart you must have 37 stitches (31 from chart +6 from the garter border).

    Main Body Chart

    This chart shows the one half of the shawl, up to the middle stitch that is the "spine". To continue on the other side you must only reverse the edges (everything outside the red box). Do not reverse the lace insert. 

    Main Body

    Row 1: k3, yo,k,k3,k2tog,yo,k2tog,m1,yo,ssk,k3,k2,yo,k, yo, k2,k3,k2tog,yo,k2tog,m1,yo,ssk,k3, k, yo, k3    

    Row 2: k3, p2,k,p11,k,p2,p, p2, k, p11, k, p2, k3     (41 stitches)

    Row 3: k3, yo,k2,k2,k2tog,yo,k4,yo,ssk,k2,k3,yo, k, yo, k3, k2,k2tog,yo,k4,yo,ssk,k2, k2, yo, k3

    Row 4:  k3,p3,k,p11,k,p3, p, p3, k,p11,k,p3,k3        (45 stitches)

    Row 5:  k3,yo,k3,k,k2tog,yo,k,k2tog,yo,ssk,k,yo,ssk,k,k4, yo,k,yo,k4, k,k2tog,yo,k,k2tog,yo,ssk,k,yo,ssk,k, k3, yo, k3

    Row 6:  k3,p4,k,p4,(k1,p1)in yo,p5,k,p4, p, p4, k1, p5, (k1,p1)in yo,p4, k, p4, k3      (49 stitches)

    Row 7:  k3,yo,k4,k3,yo,ssk,k2,k2tog,yo,k3,k5,yo, k, yo, k5, k3,yo,ssk,k2,k2tog,yo,k3, k4, yo, k3

    Row 8:  k3,p5,k,p11,k,p5, p, p5, k, p11, k, p5, k3    (53 stitches)

    Row 9:  k3,yo,k5,k4,yo,ssk,k2tog,yo,k4,k6,yo, k, yo, k6, k4,yo,ssk,k2tog,yo,k4, k5, yo, k3     

    Row 10:  k3,p6,k,p11,k,p6, p, p6, k, p11, k, p6, k3       (57 stitches)

    Row 11:  k3,yo,k6, k12,k7,yo, k, yo, k7, k12, k6, yo, k3

    Row 12:  k3,p7,k, p11, k, p7, p, p7, k, p11,k, p7, k3       

    When you finish the last row you must have 61 stitches in total and your work should be approximately 25 cm / 10 inches long (measure down the "spine"). That's it for the first clue. 

    Please share your progress at Instagram #winteraffairshawl (@Olymp1a) and in Garter Stitch Witch Ravelry Group! Have fun!

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