Thursday, 17 December 2015

Winter Affair Shawl MKAL: Fourth Clue

Hey everyone!

Before telling you what you need to do to finish your shawl I would like to inform you that there are 3 new threads in my forum that might interest you.

1. Prizes announcement & requirements to enter the prize drawing
2. FO photos thread
3. Future KAL/MKAL earburn list (register here if you want me to notify you directly for future KALs and MKALs I organize).

No without further due, the last thing you need to do to finish the shawl is to go back to the main pattern.


Depending on the weight you use you will need to knit 12 -24 rows. On the shawls I knit, I only had to knit 12 rows (superbulky yarn and 10mm needles). Since I worked 1.5 main body repeats + 12 rows of mesh (which is equivalent to 0.5 pattern repeat) I can now start over from row 1.

If you are not sure where you left off, then use this formula:

number of stitches on your needles - 37 / 24.

In my example (and anyone else who followed the original pattern) I ended up with 133 stitches after finishing clue 3. So: 133-37=96/24=4
After using the formula you will get an integral number. This means you must continue by starting over the main body pattern at row 1.

 If you don't get an integral number, recalculate again this way:

number of stitches on your needles - 37 / 12

This means you must start at row 12.

For example, a person that did 2 full main body rows plus 12 rows of mesh would end up with 145 stitches after clue 3. So: 145-37=108/12=9 (if they divided with 24 they would get 4.5).

If you don't get an integral number by any of the 2 formulas then you haven't worked by multiples of 12. You can either add or remove a few rows until you have a number of stitches that will work, or add stitches by increasing - which I would not recommend.

After you knit your final pattern rows, knit 2 rows and cast off loosely. Weave in ends, block and enjoy!

Happy knitting and don't forget to share your progress at Instagram #winteraffairshawl (@Olymp1a) and in Garter Stitch Witch Ravelry Group! Have fun!

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