Sunday, 13 December 2015

Winter Affair Shawl MKAL: second clue

Hey everyone! Continuing with the pattern for clue 2, today we will finish the first repeat of the main body and add a bit more.


Row 13: k3, yo,k7,k3,k2tog,yo,k2tog,m1,yo,ssk,k3,k8,yo,k, yo, k8,k3,k2tog,yo,k2tog,m1,yo,ssk,k3, k7, yo, k3    

Row 14: k3, p8,k,p11,k,p8,p, p8, k, p11, k, p8, k3     (65 stitches)

Row 15: k3, yo,k8,k2,k2tog,yo,k4,yo,ssk,k2,k9,yo, k, yo, k9,k2,k2tog,yo,k4,yo,ssk,k2, k8, yo, k3

Row 16:  k3,p9,k,p11,k,p9, p, p9, k,p11,k,p9,k3          (69 stitches)

Row 17:  k3,yo,k9,k,k2tog,yo,k,k2tog,yo,ssk,k,yo,ssk,k,k10, yo,k,yo,k10, k,k2tog,yo,k,k2tog,yo,ssk,k,yo,ssk,k, k9, yo, k3

Row 18:  k3,p10,k,p4,(k1,p1)in yo,p5,k,p10, p, p10, k1, p5, (k1,p1)in yo,p4,k, p10, k3      (73 stitches)

Row 19:  k3,yo,k10,k3,yo,ssk,k2,k2tog,yo,k3,k11,yo, k, yo, 
k11, k3, yo,ssk,k2,k2tog,yo,k3, k10, yo, k3

Row 20:  k3,p11,k,p11,k,p11, p, p11, k, p11, k, p11, k3       (77 stitches)

Row 21:  k3,yo,k11,k4,yo,ssk,k2tog,yo,k4,k12,yo, k, yo, k12, k4,yo,ssk,k2tog,yo,k4, k11, yo, k3     

Row 22:  k3,p12,k,p11,k,p12, p, p12, k, p11, k, p12, k3       (81 stitches)

Row 23:  k3,yo,k12, k12,k13,yo, k, yo, k13, k12, k12, yo, k3

Row 24:  k3,p13,k, p11, k, p13, p, p13, k, p11,k, p13, k3    (85 stitches)

Here is where the main body pattern is complete (see the chart below).

To continue with pattern repeats you just go over from row 1, adding lace inserts repeats in between of the borders. Each time you finish a full pattern you can add 2 more lace inserts in each side. This means that the pattern will continue like this:

Row 1: k3, yo,k,*k3,k2tog,yo,k2tog,m1,yo,ssk,k3,* repeat 3 times k2,yo,k, yo, k2,*k3,k2tog,yo,k2tog,m1,yo,ssk,k3,* repeat 3 times k, yo, k3    

Row 2: k3, p2,*k,p11,* repeat 3 times k,p2,p, p2, k, *p11, k,*repeat 3 times p2, k3     

and so on.

For those who work with super bulky weight yarn: After you finish rows 13-24 start over the pattern and knit only half repeat (rows 1-12) and stop there. You should have 109 stitches and the center of your shawl across the spine should measure around 43 cm (17 inches).

For those working with lighter yarns: add repeats of the pattern to grow your shawl in length. How many you will work depends on your yarn and you will have to do some math. 
For the super bulky yarn shawl and having a gauge of 11 stitches x 15 rows to 10x10 cm (4x4 inches) we need a total of 3 repeats to reach 65 cm (25 1/2 inches) length - not counting the set up chart.  Count how many repeats you will need according to your swatch and work as follows:
If you work with lace, light fingering, fingering or sport weight, knit until you have 2 repeats remaining for the next steps. If you knit with worsted, aran or bulky weight then knit until you have 1 repeat remaining.

That's all for today!  Happy knitting and don't forget to share your progress at Instagram #winteraffairshawl (@Olymp1a) and in Garter Stitch Witch Ravelry Group! Have fun!

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