Friday, 25 September 2015

And so it began

I started knitting 3 years ago. Up to the moment that I decided I want to learn knitting I had no previous experience with it, neither I had ever expressed an interest in this amazing craft. However, when my best friend Hermione told me she was pregnant and that I would soon be a godmother (that was a decision we had made when we were around 15 years old) it just struck me. I had to learn how to knit in order to be able to make accessories and garments for the little angel who was about to come into our lives. The image of my grandmother making all kinds of knits for me and my brother during our childhood came to my mind and it was decided: I wanted to be the godmother that would be able to make heartfelt and soulful gifts to her goddaughter. And that's how it all started.

I learnt completely by myself, watching YouTube videos and reading countless articles on line. Through a lot of trial and error I managed to make my first garments for Marianna, who was a newborn at that time. But I didn't stop there. You see I had caught the bug of knitting for good, so I started knitting for my friends and family. Scarves and hats for my brother who is a sailor in order to keep him warm in his trips, warm socks for my dad's cold feet, unique Christmas presents for my friends and so on. Knitting has ever since been a very dear activity for me during winter. It is a creative fun way to make beautiful gifts that are one of the kind and include a part of yourself in them and at the same time it is a way of meditation to me, helping me relax and balancing me out.

I'm starting this blog with a lot of love to knitting and as a mean to post my recent creations and maybe, in the future, create some of my own patterns and showcase them here.

Hope you will enjoy this little corner of peace and quiet.

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